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Welcome to Fury!

A game written by game developers who love old school arcade games!

We pay homage to run-and-gun maze shooters with this installment. The game mechanic should be familiar to anyone who played arcade games in the 80's

Top 25 scores in the world

It's available in two formats:

WebGL - playable in a browser

Executable windows game

This game is free for personal use. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Chuck, Kevin, and Eric

Feedback: furyfeedback(at)clhess(dot)com


07.14.22 - v1.1A - Tweaked mob placement in some rooms
07.11.22 - v1.1A - fixed reflect walls color cycling. Fixed Mac OS high score submission. Fixed issue with boss fight.
07.10.22 - v1.1 - fixed input issue with xbox joysticks